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Essay: «Conflict theory» by Jörg Rössel

Published in the new Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Sociology, December 2023. 

Essay written by  Prof. Dr. Jörg Rössel (UZH) on the subject of Conflict Theory.

The term "conflict theory" emerged in the 1950s as a sociological perspective challenging structural functionalism, aiming to explain domination, social conflict, and change by emphasizing inherent inequalities, power struggles, and the role of class, race, and gender; despite facing challenges as an independent paradigm, its concepts have diffused widely in social sciences, encompassing the study of social movements, protests, war, family conflict, and historical sociology.

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The Elgar Encyclopedia of Political Sociology

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Edited by Maria Grasso and Marco Giugni.

This comprehensive and authoritative Encyclopedia, featuring entries written by academic experts in the field, explores the diverse topics within the discipline of political sociology. By looking at both macro- and micro-components, questions relating to nation-states, political institutions and their development, and the sources of social and political change such as social movements and other forms of contentious politics, are raised and critically analysed.

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