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Simon Walo receives FAN Award 2024

We are honoured to announce that Dr. Simon Walo has been awarded the 2024 «FAN award for early career researchers» (Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchses) for his outstanding doctoral achievements at the Sparkling Research celebration event of the University of Zurich on February 6, 2024.

Foto: Nicolas Zonvi


The FAN Awards for early career researchers give recognition to the outstanding scientific achievements of advanced PhD candidates and early postdoctoral researchers at UZH engaged in research projects of societal relevance and applying inter- or transdisciplinary approaches or methods. Three prizes are awarded for the areas of Arts and Social Sciences, Law and Economics and for Medicine and Sciences.


Fotos von Nicolas Zonvi 

About Simon Walo

Simon Walo is a research assistant at the chair of Prof. Jörg Rössel, where he recently completed his PhD in Sociology. In his dissertation, he investigates different ways of advancing contested knowledge in the sociology of work. In doing so, he is looking at debates about the impact of technological change on employment, the «bullshit jobs theory» and the historical transformation of the meaning of work. 

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