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Portrait Isabel Raabe

Isabel Raabe, PhD

  • SNF Ambizione
+41 44 635 23 26
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Isabel Raabe is an SNF Ambizione-Grant holder at the Department of Sociology. She is working on school classroom compositions and their effects on social dynamics and educational outcomes. Previously, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Chair of Social Theory and Quantitative methods since September 2018. She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Oxford in 2018, for which she submitted a thesis entitled “Social Aspects of Educational Inequality”, supervised by Jan O. Jonsson. She worked at the Social Networks Lab at ETH Zürich as a predoctoral researcher from 2016 to 2018, where she was involved in a research project on the social integration of Swiss bachelor students (Swiss StudentLife).  

In her research, she is interested in how individuals shape and interact with their social context, and whether this can explain different aspects of social inequality, especially in the educational context.  


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Raabe, Isabel J., Zsófia Boda, and Christoph Stadtfeld (2019). “The Social Pipeline: How Friend Influence and Peer Exposure Widen the STEM Gender Gap”. Sociology of Education, 92 (2): 105-123. Link

Raabe, Isabel J. and Ralf Wölfer (2019). “What's Going on Around You: Peer Milieus and Educational Aspirations”. European Sociological Review, 35 (1): 1-14. Link

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Raabe, Isabel J. (2019). “Social Exclusion and School Achievement: Children of Immigrants and Children of Natives in Three European Countries”. Child Indicators Research, 12 (3): 1003-1022. Link