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New publication: «The impact of researchers’ perceived pressure on their publication strategies»

New publication by (former) members of the research team on «Social Norms & Cooperation»

«This article investigates researchers’ publication strategies and how their perceived pressure to publish and to obtain external funding are related to these strategies. The analyses rely on data from the Zurich Survey of Academics (ZSoA), an online survey representative of academics working at higher education institutions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The results suggest that academics pursue both instrumental and normative publication strategies. The main finding is that academics who perceive high pressure to publish tend to employ instrumental publication strategies rather than normative ones: they are more likely to focus on the journal's reputation and the speed of publication when selecting an outlet for peer review. Publishing results in open-access outlets or in native languages other than English is less important for those under pressure. However, the extent to which researchers’ perceived pressure affects publication strategies also depends on other factors, such as the discrepancy between the time available for research and the time actually desired for research.»

Read full article (open access):

The impact of researchers’ perceived pressure on their publication strategies.
David Johann, Jörg Neufeld, Kathrin Thomas, Justus Rathmann, Heiko Rauhut
Research Evaluation, March 25, 2024.

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About the Zurich Survey of Academics

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Recent developments, such as the significant increase in the number of large and interdisciplinary research teams, the strengthening of the open access movement and calls for more transparency in research, but also the replication crisis, pose new challenges for modern science. This motivated the Department of Sociology at the University of Zurich to commission the Umfragezentrum Bonn (uzbonn, Bonn Survey Centre) to conduct a survey among academics at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region). The aim of the survey is to obtain in-depth insights into the everyday work of researchers in the DACH region and to learn how researchers deal with conflicts and increasing pressure to publish.