Completing Your Master’s Degree

Registration for Graduation

Consult the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Services website for information on the procedure and deadlines for registering to graduate with a Master’s degree and for other related important information.

Master’s Thesis

In light of the administrative work involved in connection with the Master’s thesis and registering to graduate, it is very worthwhile to get an early start in undertaking the necessary preparations.

Authorized Thesis Supervisors at the Deparment of Sociology

The persons listed below are authorized to supervise Master’s theses. Academic staff members of the Department who hold at least a doctoral degree can also be asked to supervise a Master’s thesis.

Speak with potential supervisors as early as possible to plan your Master’s thesis topic together with them.

Members of the Professorial Staff:

Prof. Dr. Eldad Davidov
Prof. Dr. Catherine Herfeld
Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut
Prof. Dr. Jörg Rössel
Prof. Dr. Katja Rost
Prof. Dr. Michael Shanahan
Prof. Dr. Marc Szydlik

Adjunct Professors:

Prof. Dr. Beat Fux
Prof. Dr. Marc Herkenrath
Prof. Dr. Peter C. Meyer
Prof. Dr. Patrick Ziltener


PD Dr. Josef Estermann
PD Dr. Bettina Isengard
PD Dr. Nina Jakoby
Prof. Dr. Michael Nollert
PD Dr. Klaus Preisner