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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology


Welcome to the University of Zurich Department of Sociology (SUZ)

We at the Deparment of Sociology have been teaching and conducting research on the subject of human coexistence in societies and communities since 1966. Ever since its founding, research at the SUZ has been based on a conception of theory-led empirical social research focused on quantitative methods.

The SUZ is part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and is integrated into the Oerlikon campus. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Its objective is to give graduates the skills not only to describe society, but also to explain it.

Our research priorities focus on Social Norms and Cooperation, Life Course and Generations, and Economic Sociology. Our researchers are integrated and actively involved in a variety of initiatives and centers at the University of Zurich (UZH) such as the Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development (JC), the Center for Higher Education and Science Studies (CHESS), and the Digital Society Initiative (DSI). They are also involved in multiple University Research Priority Programs (URPP) at UZH.

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