Exams and Assessments

Exam Dates

Exams generally take place during the final week of each semester. Dates for exams and repeat exams in the respective modules are published in the course catalogue. You do not have a right to defer an exam date.

Be present in the exam room at least 15 minutes before the exam starts.
You must be able to prove your identity, so always bring your UZH Card with you.

Notification of Illness, Hindrance

In the event of illness or a compelling, unforeseeable and unpreventable reason for being unable to take an exam, you must submit a substantiated written request to cancel the exam, together with an enclosed corresponding validation (e.g. an original medical certificate), to the module coordinator at the latest no more than five workdays after the assessment date.

If you need to file a medical certificate with multiple university departments, submit a copy and present the original for authentication. All documents currently can be submitted by e-mail.

This enables you to retake an exam without having a fail (not passed) on your record. In cases of doubt (e.g. submission of medical excuse despite having taken the exam), the faculty may request a second opinion or an examination by a physician appointed by the university.


Booking a module directly registers you for the corresponding student assessment (e.g. for the exam) and, if you did not pass it, failed to show or were prevented from completing it (e.g. due to illness), it automatically registers you for a repeat assessment if one takes place during the same semester. The module must be rebooked to take a repeat assessment in a later semester.

There are no retakes of elective modules; such modules must be substituted. A failed elective module must be replaced by a different elective module. If an elective module is offered multiple times, it can be retaken once.

Whoever twice fails an exam in one of the compulsory modules will be barred from all subjects that contain that module as a mandatory module.