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Department of Sociology

Simon Jantschgi

Simon Jantschgi

  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Prof. Dr. Heinrich Nax
+41 44 635 23 91
Room number
AND 5.53

About Me

I work on microeconomic theory, in particular market design and game theory,
using both theory and empirics.

Currently, I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Universities of Zurich & Grenoble-Alpes, and a member of the Zurich Center for Market Design. My supervisors are Heinrich Nax and Bary Pradelski.

I hold a BSc (2018) and an MSc (2019) in Mathematics from ETH Zurich (5.99/6.00 GPA). I received the ETH medal for my work on optimal clearing schedules in dynamic markets, and the award for the best teaching assistant at the Department of Mathematics. In 2020, I was selected for the Excellence Program of the UZH Digital Society Initiative, where I graduated in 2022.

I was fortunate to bring my research to application at Orderfox (matching platform for industrial manufacturing) and at the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ).

You can find my personal webpage here.


Markets and Transaction Costs
(with Heinrich Nax, Bary Pradelski, and Marek Pycia)
23rd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC'22), 2022

On Market Prices in Double Auctions
(with Heinrich Nax, Bary Pradelski, and Marek Pycia)
Working Paper

Competitive Market Behavior: Convergence and Asymmetry in the Experimental Double Auction
(with Barbara Ikica, Heinrich Nax, Diego Nunez Duran, and Bary Pradelski)
Revision requested at International Economic Review

Resistors in Dual Networks
(with Martina Furrer and Norbert Hungerbühler)
Electron. J. Graph Theory Appl. 8(2), 257-265 (2020)


Seminar on Theory, Organization, and Markets
@Paris School of Economics (22.09.2022)

Econometric Society European Meeting (ESEM)
@Bocconi University (25.08.2022)

European Economic Association (EEA) Annual Conference
@Bocconi University (24.08.2022)

33rd Stony Brook International Conference on Game Theory
@Stony Brook University (18.07.2022 & 20.07.2022 - 2 talks)

23rd ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC’22) @University of Colorado Boulder (13.07.2022)

12th Conference on Economic Design
@University of Padova (09.06.2022)

8th Swiss Theory Day
@University of Bern (08.06.2022)

Student Research Workshop in Microeconomic Theory
@University of Oxford (03.06.2022)

7th Workshop on Stochastic Methods in Game Theory
@Ettore Majorana foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice (16.05.2022)

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference
@Virtual (12.03.2021)

The First Conference on Zero/Minimal Intelligence Agents
@Virtual/Yale University (22.10.2020)

Computation and Economics Research Seminar
@University of Zurich (18.05.2020)


Controversies in Game Theory
(Spring 2022 @ETH and University of Zurich)
Teaching assistant
Markets and Norms
(Spring 2021 @University of Zurich)
Teaching assistant and guest lecturer
Introduction to Game Theory
(Spring 2020 @ETH Zurich)
Teaching assistant
Computational Social Science
(Fall 2019 @ETH Zurich)
Guest lecturer
Geometry, Linear Algebra I, and Linear Algebra II
(Spring 2015 - Fall 2019 @ETH Zurich)

Teaching assistant and supervisor of the study center for undergraduates