Location and Time

University of Greenwich, 2013 Colloquium, September 5-7, 2013.


A major goal in scientific research is to assess the state of cumulative knowledge and ask new questions that will expand the boundary of what we know. Developments in meta-analysis have given researchers more sophisticated tools to synthesize,evaluate, and explain quantitative research findings.

The Seventh Annual MAER-Net Colloquium will be atthe University of Greenwich from 5 – 7 September 2013.

MAER-NetColloquia brings together meta-analysis studies in Economics, Public Policy,Resource Management, International Development, Business and Management and Finance with a view to contribute to existing knowledge, method development andevidence-based policy and practice.

We welcome submissions of paper and panel proposals in all the areas above.  We also welcome paper and panel proposals on a number of themes highlighted for the 2013 Colloquium at Greenwich: the relationship between innovation and performance at the firm, industry or macro levels; the relationship between corporate governance and firm performance; the effects of financial crises on growth and employment; and the determinants of poverty alleviation and persistence.

We encourage submissions of new papers, work in progress, tools under development,as well as research by PhD students. MAER-Net is committed to serve as a clearinghouse for research in meta-analysis and to improve the communication among scholars in this rapidly growing field.

For proposal submissions and further information on the 2013 Colloquium, please follow the link below.

Please note that there will be a one-day training workshop for Ph.D. students and new researchers in meta-analysis.  The Journal of Economic Surveys, DFID and the Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations Economics Methods Group (CCEMG) will support the training workshop. We will be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of research students and new researchers interested in meta-analysis and meta-regression analysis.

Link for paper and panel proposal submission