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Research focus areas at the chair of Prof. Rössel

The main areas of research at the chair of Prof. Rössel are currently social structure and culture, egoism and altruism in transnational perspective, and comparative macrosociology.

A large part of the research at the chair concerns the relation of social structure and culture.At the center of attention are connections between vertical structural inequalities in society and forms of cultural expression and other types of cultural behavior. This research area thus explores patterns in the conduct of life and lifestyles, their significance for urban sociology and events in markets, patterns in the reception of high and popular culture related to social class, as well as the perception of social class in social interaction.

Research on the conditions of egoistic and altruistic action has been established as a new focus area at the chair. Research in this area aims to complement classical sociological theories by systematically taking into consideration that in a globalized world social action often transcends national borders. The topic will be pursued in empirical studies of fair trade products and cross-border donations that exemplify such action.

The research area comparative macrosociology is concerned with developing an adequate logic of macrosociological explanation. For this purpose, comparative analyses are being conducted on democratization processes in a global perspective and on industrial conflicts in extractive industries in the USA.

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